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Further Group Collaborates with Massive Bio, Integrating Health Solutions for the Insurance Industry to Boost Access to Cancer Clinical Trials Globally


[New York, 8 November 2023] – Further Group, a leading global provider of turnkey serious illness solutions for the insurance industry with the objective of breaking down barriers to access cutting-edge medical treatments, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Massive Bio, a pioneer in leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance clinical trial matching for cancer patients.  

 Partnership Scope:  

Further Group’s 360, holistic approach to cancer care includes the identification of relevant clinical trials and support with enrolment. They will work closely with Massive Bio to enhance access to cancer clinical trials, streamlining the triage process and ensuring smooth patient admission to treatments that may represent the greatest hope for those facing the disease.   

Commentary from Ana Antunes, Head of Global Operations, Further Group:   

“We are excited about our partnership with Massive Bio. By combining Further Group’s extensive experience in making innovative and life-saving cancer treatments accessible to patients worldwide, and Massive Bio’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence, we continue to revolutionise cancer care, offering more opportunities and hope to patients and their families.  Together, we are breaking down barriers and transforming the landscape of cancer treatment.”  

Commentary from Toygun Onaran, Chief Financial Officer, Massive Bio:  

“Our partnership with Further Group is a significant milestone in our shared mission to make cancer care accessible worldwide. We are excited to leverage our AI technology to identify optimal clinical trial options, ensuring personalized treatments for patients globally. This collaboration strengthens our commitment to advancing cancer care, offering renewed hope to patients and families, and transforming the landscape of oncology.”  

This partnership represents a significant step forward in the fight against cancer, offering hope and advanced treatment options to patients who need it the most. Further Group and Massive Bio are committed to continuing their efforts to improve the lives of individuals battling cancer and ensuring a brighter, healthier future for all. 

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