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Massive Bio and ONCOassist® Announce Strategic Partnership at ESMO 2023


New York, October 2023 – In a significant development poised to reshape the oncology landscape, Massive Bio, Inc. and ONCOassist® have announced a strategic partnership at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2023 conference in Madrid. This collaboration aims to optimize patient-centric care and enhance physician engagement in clinical trials and cancer research. 

Dr. Richard Bambury, Co-founder and CMO of ONCOassist®, stated, “With ONCOassist® being a trusted tool for a vast number of oncology professionals, this partnership with Massive Bio represents a pivotal moment in our ongoing commitment to elevate the standards of oncology care.” 

ONCOassist®, recognized for its performance and reliability, serves as an essential resource for  tens of thousands of oncology professionals worldwide, facilitating informed decision-making and improved patient outcomes. 

Selin Kurnaz, CEO and Co-Founder of Massive Bio, commented, “At Massive Bio, our focus has been on harnessing AI and concierge services to provide real-time clinical trial options for patients and their oncologists. Collaborating with ONCOassist® enhances our capability to accelerate R&D and streamline trial enrollment processes.” 

Massive Bio’s innovative approach to integrating AI with oncology research has been instrumental in bridging the gap between patients and clinical trials, ensuring timely and efficient access to potential treatments. 

Eoin O’Carroll, CEO of ONCOassist®, emphasized, “This collaboration underscores our shared objective of driving innovation in oncology. Together, we aim to foster patient-centricity and bolster physician engagement in clinical trials and research.” 

The partnership between these two entities signifies a commitment to leveraging technology and expertise to advance the field of oncology, promising tangible benefits for patients, physicians, and the broader medical community. 

Dr. Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Massive Bio, added, “In the rapidly evolving realm of oncology, our partnership with ONCOassist® stands as a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries and ensuring every cancer patient receives optimal care.” 

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