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Massive Bio and Azra AI to Expand AI’s Potentially Lifesaving Impact on Cancer Patients


New partnership brings accurate trial recommendations to Azra AI’s national client base of medical systems and hospitals, including leading healthcare providers.

Massive Bio, a leader in AI-powered cancer clinical trial enrollment, announced a strategic partnership with Azra AI, a healthcare technology company that uses proprietary AI software to identify cancer diagnoses in real time and accelerate the patient care process. Combined with Massive Bio’s ability to surface personalized clinical trial options for patients, the two companies working together provide early identification and precise treatment options, further improving cancer clinical care.

Today, clinical care teams have limited bandwidth to review important diagnostics like patient pathology reports. Each report takes a clinician one to two minutes to read, delaying trial opportunities for patients with an urgent life-changing health situation. Azra AI’s technology, used in over 200 hospitals including HCA Healthcare, reads pathology reports in a fraction of a second, enabling clinicians to focus on the approximately 10 percent of positive pathology reports immediately to treat patients sooner and give them the best chances for survival.

“Our mission is to create hope and empower cancer patients by helping them find their best treatment options, which often requires urgent access to trials,” said Selin Kurnaz, co-founder and CEO of Massive Bio. “We are excited to collaborate with Azra AI and expand our growing ecosystem of like-minded leaders who are as committed to transforming cancer clinical trials as we are. This is a monumental point in time where advanced technology is intersecting with medical science to meaningfully change lives.”

Where Azra AI focuses on identification of cancer, Massive Bio’s platform provides cancer patients with relevant clinical trials using AI, empowering patients to find treatment options faster and enabling life sciences companies to conduct broader, more-inclusive, population-based recruitment rather than traditional site-specific recruitment. The companies’ collaboration has the potential to make an immediate impact on thousands of cancer patients – Azra AI’s technology touches nearly one in 10 cancer patients in the U.S. while Massive Bio recently announced onboarding more than 100,000 patients onto its trial matching platform.

By utilizing AI technology in cancer identification and trial matching, clinical care teams can improve healthcare access and equity by eliminating unconscious bias or human errors that can prevent successful patient enrollment. Further, healthcare teams can automatically operationalize the volumes of data collected to enhance the patient experience in ways they could not do before.

“We are eager to partner with Massive Bio to connect these two parts of the cancer journey,” said founder and CEO of Azra AI, Chris Cashwell. “We can revolutionize the clinical trial process by automating the identification of potential patients early on using artificial intelligence. We are combing through millions of pathology reports and identifying cancer types more quickly. The data sent to Massive Bio’s platform closes the loop on serving that patient the best treatment options for their cancer. This enables our clinical teams to focus on cancer care and use the AI to offer the best patient experience.”

To learn more about how Massive Bio and Azra AI are working together to improve cancer clinical research, hear ArturoLoaiza-Bonilla, MD, Massive BioCo-founder and Chief Medical Officer, at HLTH 2022 in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Nov, 15th at 4:20pm on the gallery stage.

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