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Massive Bio Continues to Grow in Europe


Massive Bio, which uses its proprietary artificial intelligence-based platform to match cancer patients to clinical trials regardless of where they live or their financial circumstances, is expanding its operations in Europe. With support from Series B investments received in the first half of this year, Massive Bio announced the hiring of three new team members who will help expand the company's global operations, intensify its marketing activities, develop new data sets and products, and expand its M&A efforts. The new recruits are Toygun Onaran, who will serve as Head of Strategy; Mert Sarı, who will be Regional Manager; and Sinan Fındık, who comes on board as Clinical Research and Data Manager.

Massive Bio's expanding presence in Europe will allow the company to continue its mission of ensuring that all cancer patients receive treatment under fair and favorable conditions, said Çağlar Demirbağ, Director of International Partnerships, which manages the company’s operations outside of the United States, adding that “there are about 4 million patients diagnosed with cancer annually in Europe. With the steps we have taken in the last two years, we have been ensuring that thousands of cancer patients in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Romania, Poland, and Greece are matched to appropriate clinical trials. This is also enabling that these patients receive the best treatment free of charge.”

“The current changes we are making today will help us better reach and support more cancer patients in the future," added Erkan Terzi, Massive Bio's Vice President of Global Marketing. Terzi said, "At Massive Bio, we work on three continents in 32 different functional areas in our marketing efforts. Our recent updates, newsletters, infographics, new video production, digital-asset improvements, content writing, and advertising management continue to help us create a more comprehensive and effective patient-use case. The technologies we use and the integrated studies we create with different units enable us to work more effectively in the business focus.”

About Massive Bio

Founded in New York City in 2015, Massive Bio aims to provide access to clinical trials for cancer patients worldwide, regardless of where they live or their financial circumstances. Massive Bio solves bottlenecks in recruiting patients for clinical trials with a unique technology-enabled service and big data platform. The company serves pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs), and hospital networks with a focus on improving the lives of cancer patients and provides oncology-specific data-driven patient recruitment, site selection, and AI-based trial pre-screening services.

Massive Bio was awarded an SBIR contract by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to develop and characterize the Deep Learning Clinical Trial Matching System (DLCTMS) and is the official matching partner in all NCI-funded clinical trials. The company is also an active participant in the Integrated Trial Matching for Cancer Patients and Providers team led by MITER and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

Massive Bio has received investments totaling $18 million since its establishment. The company has 75 employees and partners with 26 pharmaceutical companies and CROs and more than 1,000 global clinical research centers in 12 countries. Massive Bio, which has reached more than 66,000 patients in clinical trial matching, aims to grow that total to 100,000 cancer patients by expanding to 19 countries with its "100K Cancer Clinical Trial Singularity Program," which was announced in 2021.

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