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Massive Bio Launches Revolutionary ChatGPT-Powered Chatbot Platform at ASCO 2023 to Simplify and Expand Access to Oncology Clinical Trials


Massive Bio, a world-renowned provider of personalized oncology solutions, is set to showcase its groundbreaking GPT4 AI chatbots – AskFiona AI and DrArturo AI at ASCO 2023. These innovative, AI-driven solutions will redefine cancer care, establishing new paradigms in patient and provider engagement and global oncological research.

“Massive Bio’s ChatGPT-powered platform lies at the heart of the transformation in clinical trials. Incorporating AskFiona AI and DrArturo AI will transcend the capabilities of Massive Bio’s existing SYNERGY-AI Clinical Trial Matching Solution, thereby heralding a new epoch in personalized oncology solutions. We are thrilled to constantly push the envelope in oncology clinical trial enrollment. By enabling these new solutions Massive Bio aims to further activate patient empowerment, unlock consumerization in healthcare and reduce the reliance to the hospital competency specific healthcare system via the leverage of latest technology advancements such as generative AI. As a cancer patient you should be able to know all your clinical trial choices regardless of where you get your treatment and/or what your financial stability is” said Massive Bio’s Co-founder and CEO, Selin Kurnaz.

Inspired by its own Co-founders and team members, AskFiona AI and DrArturo AI, enables simplicity, speed, improved engagement, and greater access to patients, treating oncologists, site investigators and research coordinators during clinical trial selection and resolution of last mile issues during enrollment.

AskFiona AI, an advanced AI chatbot, serves as a comprehensive guide through the intricacies of clinical trials. By elucidating trial purposes, processes, and assessing patient eligibility, AskFiona AI aims to demystify the world of clinical trials, promoting clarity and fostering informed decision-making to cancer patients.

Adding depth to this patient-focused approach, DrArturo AI functions as an invaluable virtual oncology tool for providers including oncologists and hematologists. Offering detailed, personalized information about specific clinical trials, including treatment details and insurance acceptance, this AI tool aims to ensure patients, their families, and physicians are equipped with all necessary information to make informed decisions.

As a practicing physician and site investigator, Massive Bio’s Co-founder and CMO, Dr. Arturo Loaiza Bonilla stated that “DrArturo AI also offers extensive benefits to site investigators and research coordinators. With its capacity to deliver detailed study explanations, respond to protocol-related queries, and provide access to vital documents and schedules, it is an indispensable asset. Furthermore, its ability to alert research teams about patient-reported outcomes and adverse events ensures a steady flow of crucial information, thus enhancing patient care and accelerating research.” “Set to make their debut at ASCO 2023, these AI chatbots encapsulate Massive Bio’s dedication to employing AI technology to challenge the status quo in oncology. This pioneering approach is poised to transform the landscape of global oncology.” said Massive Bio’s Co-founder and CTO, Cagatay Culcuoglu.

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