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Massive Bio Supports Cancer Associations


Massive Bio announced the launch of “Donation for Life,” a new awareness campaign created to support cancer associations and foundations in the United States and Europe.

Massive Bio, which matches cancer patients to clinical trials of innovative new therapies, has launched “Donation for Life,” a new awareness campaign that will support cancer associations and foundations in the United States and Europe. During the campaign, Massive Bio will select different organizations that support cancer patients to be recipients of donations. The campaign will continue for a year, with updates announced on Massive Bio’s website and social media platforms. Massive Bio officials aim to provide thousands of donations by the end of 2023 and hope that “Donation for Life” will inspire other companies to support cancer associations and foundations.

“We believe cancer associations and foundations are vital in educating patients about cancer and specific aspects of the disease, such as participation in clinical trials. That’s why we are partnering with these groups to provide them the financial and operational support to further accelerate and expand their efforts,” said Selin Kurnaz, chief executive officer and co-founder of Massive Bio. “The burden of cancer is so large that it can’t be resolved by one organization, and our role is to be the glue to bring multiple stakeholders together to fight this very unfortunate disease together, one patient at a time.”

One of the biggest problems that cancer patients face is difficulty making their voices heard, added Erkan Terzi, Massive Bio’s chief marketing officer. “Foundations and associations are the most effective organizations working to protect patients’ rights, make their voices heard all over the world, and support the struggle of patients to make treatments accessible,” said Terzi. “Moreover, these organizations rely heavily on volunteers and often have modest budgets. At Massive Bio, we continue to work to erase cancer from the map. In this way, it will always be our priority to support and collaborate with organizations working toward the same goal.”

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