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Reigniting the Cancer Moonshot: Massive Bio Joins CancerX as Founding Member to Accelerate Innovation and AI Implementation in Cancer Care


Massive Bio, a globally recognized leader in the oncology space, has proudly announced its appointment as a founding member of CancerX, a groundbreaking initiative endorsed by The White House. This appointment situates Massive Bio at the forefront of a national public-private partnership aiming to revolutionize the fight against cancer. Spearheaded by the rejuvenated Cancer Moonshot, CancerX is co-hosted by Moffitt Cancer Center and the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe), bringing together diverse stakeholders to foster greater equity and reduce financial toxicity in cancer care and research.

As cancer continues to pose a significant global challenge, Massive Bio stands committed to mitigating this scourge. Selin Kurnaz PhD, Co-Founder, and CEO of Massive Bio echoed the firm’s unwavering dedication to connecting cancer patients with clinical trials, regardless of their location or financial circumstances. “Massive Bio is proud to be part of this transformative journey. Being chosen as a founding member of CancerX confirms our dedication to advancing precision oncology and democratizing access to groundbreaking cancer treatments. We aim to bridge the divide between cancer patients and the world of clinical trials, inspiring a movement that boosts clinical trial enrollment rates to 20% in the United States,” stated Dr. Kurnaz.

Dr. Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, Co-Founder, and Chief Medical Officer of Massive Bio emphasized the vital role of clinical trials in the quest for improved cancer treatments. He noted, “All therapeutic innovations in oncology have emerged thanks to clinical trials. Yet, most patients don’t have access to them. We aim to change that.” Dr. Loaiza-Bonilla highlighted the firm’s commitment to provide all cancer patients with equal access to cutting-edge treatments and emerging clinical trials, irrespective of their location or financial capability.

Smit Patel, Associate Program Director of the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) expressed his      excitement about the new collaboration. He      said, “Multi-stakeholder collaboration is critical to harness the potential of digital innovation in the fight against cancer, and we’re honored to partner with Massive Bio to achieve the ambitious goals of CancerX. Through this impressive collaboration, we will establish best practices, build capacity, and demonstrate the impact of innovation on the life of every person on a cancer journey.

As a trailblazer in the application of artificial intelligence in oncology, Massive Bio’s involvement in CancerX symbolizes a significant leap towards combining the best resources from public and private sectors to expedite innovation in the fight against cancer. The alliance showcases the power of public-private partnerships in leveraging technology to advance precision oncology, clinical trials, and cancer research, thereby transforming the future of oncology and setting a new precedent for the role of AI in combating cancer.

About CancerX:

CancerX is a public-private partnership announced by The White House as a national accelerator designed to boost innovation in the fight against cancer as part of the reignited Cancer Moonshot. The initiative is co-hosted by Moffitt Cancer Center and Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) and aims to convene diverse stakeholders necessary to enhance the fight against cancer. CancerX is primarily focused on advancing digital innovation to improve equity and reduce financial toxicity in cancer care and research.

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